Late Culture Change Aversion (The Adaptive Valley, Part 3)

Previous posts: Part 1 - Part 2 Ancient history is a long list of civilizations that were once world leaders, region superpowers, and centers of innovation, that have since fallen from prominence. The British Empire, the Mongol Empire, the Roman Empire, various Caliphates, and too many to list. These were all at one point the … Continue reading Late Culture Change Aversion (The Adaptive Valley, Part 3)

Platitude Conspiracies

I have long been an enemy of bullshit language. The type employed by politicians, new-age mystics like Deepak Chopra, Postmodernists, and CEOs. I want language to be precise, or at least to MEAN something. For now, I'll call language “bullshitspeak” if it’s just vague nonsense that contains little actual meaning. This video is a great example … Continue reading Platitude Conspiracies

The Case for Anonymity Online

A couple months ago, and in succession, two public intellectuals, Jonathan Haidt and Charles Murray, put out uncharacteristically poorly thought out comments. They denounced online anonymity, specifically, with respect to their preferred social platform, Twitter, although their comments were meant to be generalizable to the Internet. This is an example of what one could call … Continue reading The Case for Anonymity Online

Why Do Males Exist? (The Adaptive Valley, Part 1)

Why do males exist? It doesn't make any sense. Introduction: Convergent Structures Convergent Structures are where two species develop the same characteristics, separately. They acquired like traits because they worked, not because of any shared ancestor. This should be familiar from high school bio. Birds evolved wings - but so did many and mammals (with the bats). … Continue reading Why Do Males Exist? (The Adaptive Valley, Part 1)

Welfare and Automation

Technological innovation is as old as humanity. Technology can be a physical creation or a process, anything that increases the scope of possibility or improves efficiency. First and foremost, I am unabashedly pro-technology, and despite the side this paper takes, I wish for its progress to continue or accelerate. I will explain why the extreme … Continue reading Welfare and Automation

How to become Successful

Make your failures temporary and your successes permanent. Right there is how to become successful. Make your failures temporary and your successes permanent. That, simply put, means to engage in activities where the potential upside is compounding, whereas the potential downside is temporary. Take, for example, submitting a book to a publisher. A potential failure … Continue reading How to become Successful