The pendulum swings left

“Politics is downstream from culture,” a common saying, has some truth to it. But it’s incomplete. Here is a more comprehensive version. Politics is downstream from culture, which is downstream from metapolitics, which is downstream from metaculture. Politics refers to who gets elected and such things. Culture refers to pop media. Metapolitics means the language … Continue reading The pendulum swings left

Your vote will never matter. That’s why you should vote.

First of all, I think you should vote. Some people say, “I don’t vote because I don’t live in a swing state, so my vote doesn’t make a difference.” I find this to be a nonsensical reason for not voting, because your vote never makes a difference, whether you live in a swing state or … Continue reading Your vote will never matter. That’s why you should vote.

The Problem with Empathy

Cities are becoming uniform. You can go from capital to capital, and, despite the distinct culture of surrounding areas, never feel like you’ve gone anywhere, because it’s all the same: skyscrapers on a skyline. Those aren’t the cities we like to visit. Beautiful cities are distinct; they display culture (something I define here). In a … Continue reading The Problem with Empathy

Third Order Thinking (Or: Is a Whale a Fish?)

Between 1:53:30 and 1:55:30, physicist and economist Eric Weinstein (to the right of his brother, Bret Weinstein, who I have a whole post about), asks a simple question: “Is a whale a fish?” You might read that and think I’m an idiot. A whale isn’t a fish; a whale is a mammal. But let us step … Continue reading Third Order Thinking (Or: Is a Whale a Fish?)