Are comedians biased against people with quiet laughs?

I have a theory that loud, bellowing laughs come from different personalities than do quiet laughs. I know a few people who’s laugh doesn’t make the sitcom laugh sound if you know what I mean. That is, if you hear it at all.

It was said that Einstein had a very distinct laugh. I got wondering: do loud-laughers have a different sense of humor than the quiet-laughers? It’s possible.

Naturally, comedians are going to cater to the loud-laughers. They want a response from the audience of course.

If it’s true that different types of jokes illicit different kinds of laughs, I view this as a sad but understandable form of discrimination. Nobody wants to be in a room of those gosh darn quiet laughers.

As social creatures, performers take audience reactions as cues. All live performances are likely to be affected by this phenomenon – if it is one.

That’s just a thought.