Just discovered this blog – what should I read?

Sometimes, I find a blog and have no idea where to start reading. The first post? The last post? The most popular post? This is a solution to that.

That’s too many links!

Well don’t get intimidated. It’s not like you have to read everything. Just look around.

Some of my good posts

The order doesn’t particularly matter. I like all of these. You can just pick a random one.

Land, Status, People (5 minutes)

Irreversible fads vs. the precautionary principle (5 minutes)

Free speech, social media, and network externalities (8 minutes)

Third order thinking (Or: Is a whale a fish?) (8 minutes)

The problem with empathy (7 minutes)

Zip ties and ear plugs (3 minutes)

A hoard of leftovers: the age of the activist (5 minutes)

Semantic activism: the most important thing that isn’t acknowledged (11 minutes)

What women want (4 minutes)

The quintessential problem of our day: playgrounds are too safe (9 minutes)

Money and honor (4 minutes)

The paradox of interconnectedness (3 minutes)

Is dogma eugenic? (4 minutes)

When it’s a “religion,” it’s lost (6 minutes)

Hitler is the God of progressivism (3 minutes)

Gods and Goddesses of abstraction: why Western thought is scientific (3 minutes)

Your vote doesn’t matter. That’s why you should vote. (3 minutes)

Tree structures, the last mile problem, and the inevitability of hierarchy (5 minutes)

In defense of disagreeables (4 minutes)

Honorable Mentions

I would check these out secondarily, but they’re still good enough that I felt compelled to mention them

Why do we play games? (6 minutes)

Legitimate criticisms of industrialization (6 minutes)

What is social capital? (9 minutes)

Welfare and automation (8 minutes)

The case for anonymity online (5 minutes)

What is the right wing? (3 minutes)

Pomp and statistics (Or: 95% of reporting is wrong)

The errors of Bret Weinstein’s four-part test of adaption (6 minutes)

The Adaptive Valley series

IMO, this gets better-written as it goes on

Why do males exist? (9 minutes)

How to innovate like no other (12 minutes)

Late culture change aversion (11 minutes)

The Speech Highlights series

Do you prefer watching videos over reading? Great. These articles are basically my notes on the most fascinating speeches I’ve ever seen. I attach the videos, obviously.

Richard Dawkins explains the adaptive valley

Jaan Tallinn explains the singularity

Robin Hanson explains human signaling

Bret Weinstein explains cycles of civilizations

Peter Thiel on predicting the future

Nassim Nicholas Taleb explains antifragility

Design vs Darwinism and “skin in the game” (scroll down for the speech)

The Proper Sovereignty Manifesto

Proper Sovereignty Manifesto, Part 1: Coercion (a twist on libertarian concepts)

Proper Sovereignty Manifesto, Part 2: Georgism (my favorite one)

Proper Sovereignty Manifesto, part 3: Information (economics)

Proper Sovereignty Manifesto, Part 4: Currency (more economics)

Proper Sovereignty Manifesto, Part 5: Deterrence (political science)

Proper Sovereignty Manifesto, Part 6: Immigration, etc. (just politics)

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