A hoard of leftovers: the age of the activist

It's no mystery that a more socially radical faction of the left-wing has emerged, and if you have been in university in the past ~5 years, you know what I mean. In this┬áspeech, Jonah Haidt explains the radicalization of the American university. As late as the mid-1990s, the left-to-right [political] ratio [at US universities] is … Continue reading A hoard of leftovers: the age of the activist

The Case for Anonymity Online

A couple months ago, and in succession, two public intellectuals, Jonathan Haidt and Charles Murray, put out uncharacteristically poorly thought out comments. They denounced online anonymity, specifically, with respect to their preferred social platform, Twitter, although their comments were meant to be generalizable to the Internet. This is an example of what one could call … Continue reading The Case for Anonymity Online