The pendulum swings left

“Politics is downstream from culture,” a common saying, has some truth to it. But it’s incomplete. Here is a more comprehensive version. Politics is downstream from culture, which is downstream from metapolitics, which is downstream from metaculture. Politics refers to who gets elected and such things. Culture refers to pop media. Metapolitics means the language … Continue reading The pendulum swings left

Adaptive Valley: Late Culture Change Aversion

Previous posts: Part 1 - Part 2 Ancient history is a long list of civilizations that were once world leaders, region superpowers, and centers of innovation, that have since fallen from prominence. The British Empire, the Mongol Empire, the Roman Empire, various Caliphates, and too many to list. These were all at one point the … Continue reading Adaptive Valley: Late Culture Change Aversion

Legitimate criticisms of industrialization

I unequivocally believe that the industrial revolution was a good thing. It improved our quality of life in an uncountable number of ways we take for granted. Modern medicine, modern media, modern transportation. Everything modern is a product of the industrial revolution. However, nothing is perfect; economist Thomas Sowell points out that in economics there … Continue reading Legitimate criticisms of industrialization

The errors with Bret Weinstein’s four-part test of adaption

A biologist I admire, Bret Weinstein, employs a four-part test to determine whether a trait is the product of evolution. Is it complex? Does it have a cost? Is there variation in the amount of cost that is spent? Does it persist over evolutionary time? If a trait has all of those characteristics, then … Continue reading The errors with Bret Weinstein’s four-part test of adaption