The pendulum swings left

“Politics is downstream from culture,” a common saying, has some truth to it. But it’s incomplete.

Here is a more comprehensive version. Politics is downstream from culture, which is downstream from metapolitics, which is downstream from metaculture.

Politics refers to who gets elected and such things. Culture refers to pop media. Metapolitics means the language we use to discuss politics; the Overton Window. Metaculture means the language we use to discuss culture: religion, and grounding axioms.

The next important thing to note is that right-wing policies are temporary, left-wing policies are permanent. (If you don’t agree with me, try repealing a left-wing policy).

Do I have to convince you that the West has gradually become more socially left-wing with time? Hopefully not.

If I haven’t lost you already, the same is true on the economic dimension. See government spending over time:

Finally, the demographics in the West are more favorable to the left today than they were in the past. All of these dynamics are both gradualist and do not reverse themselves long-run.

So, in summary:

When the pendulum swings right, the clock stays in one place. When the pendulum swings left, the whole clock moves left. Where do you think the pendulum will end up?

The pendulum is politics. Movements of the pendulum are culture. The clock is metapolitics. Movements in the clock are metaculture.

The swings in the pendulum are a distraction. What you need to pay attention to is whether they affect the clock.