1. My “Sam Harris is wrong” series is not done; it has been on hold. I have a lot more ideas for topics in that series. You can find out what happened to it on my Twitter. In short, it’s very difficult to write, and I dread it. But it’s one of the only great ideas I have left, and I have confidence it will be good when I get around to it.
  2. I almost always edit posts a day or so after after I write them to fix up a few things. The first 24 hours after I write a post, it may still have glaring issues. This has always been the case, and just be aware of it. At least refresh the page before you read a post.
  3. Subscribe to my youtube channel. I will start making videos there after I run out of ideas for blog posts. I’m not the most popular person on the Internet, so I need everyone in the audience I do have to please subscribe. They know that I have very high standards.
  4. We may be looking at another post from my editor coming up, about Christianity. I know he’ll read this update, so this is me trying to keep the pressure on him.